My brother gave me his old tv for my birthday. Violet and I agreed not to have a television in the house for 2 reasons. 1. most of what is on is total crap and 2. we know this and would watch it anyway.

For two months the tv has been in our loft upstairs, hidden in the corner, covered with a sheet because Violet says it’s a feng shui void thing that sucks energy or something like that.

Last night, while I was on the phone downstairs i heard the zzzzzap sound a tv makes when being turned on or off and then heard the channels flipping around. I was on the phone for at least an hour; all the while I could hear the tv in the background. I got off the phone and hollered upstairs:

“Hey Violet, are you watching tv?”
“Uh huh.”
“Really?!? What are you watching?”
“Oh, some PBS documentary on public health policies… and, um… shvivsh shvommmp.”
“A documentary!”
“Ya, I heard that part. But what else are you watching?”
“A really interesting documentary… and Wife Swap, ok!”