One of my very favorite friends flew into town this weekend because her aunt passed away unexpectedly. It was not the happiest reason to see each other but it was wonderful to spend my Saturday and most of Sunday with her. As we said goodbye, locked in a bear hug at the rental car portion of the airport parking lot she said, “Seriously, I really love you.”

I laughed a little, still locked in a hug and replied: “Ya, ok, good. No more bullshit, i love you too… now. I mean, I used to just say that, but now i’m serious.”

Jup: “For years I just said it, totally full of shit, but you know, it was just to make things work, to get by.”

me: “So many years of being totally indifferent about you- no feelings what so ever. But you were just so damn cute i thought why not. But now, I mean,  i really do.”

Jup: “Exactly. That’s exactly how it went for me too. Glad it’s out there. Ok, gotta go. I love you… for real this time.”

I kissed her cheek goodbye… again.  She drove off and away to her aunt’s family house for a long week of mourning and a funeral next Saturday.

A sense of humor- I’ll tell you what: What.