This morning was an especially rude Monday. I was having an absolutely wonderful weekend, fell asleep Sunday night and the next thing I knew I was wearing a collared shirt and sitting at a desk in downtown Seattle.

I was chatting with Jup on the beloved gmail this morning, as she also woke up on the wrong day, and was going through old, old… old emails of ours instead of letting this Monday thing happen. I forgot so much of what I use to write about, how I use to write. I was telling her my (not so much anymore) secret fear that college ruined my ability to write. I think I’m too structured now, inside and out, to think that openly. I can’t say I miss feeling so all over the place but I do miss writing that way.

One of my old favorites was to take the world out of context and quote it at the end of every email. It was a different quote every email, which isn’t very hard if you spend more than ten minutes a day even slightly aware. Anyway, here are a few I ran into while stealing Jup’s idea of reading old emails instead of doing anything I should/need to be doing:

“I don’t care what anyone says dude, that’s sex with robots.” (an old friend, 2003) 

“Growing up, every one said I should have a dream. I had to find out on my own that if I say this dream out loud it could kill me.” (a woman on a bus on Martin Luther King Day, 2002)

“It’s real easy to follow an avalanche. Tricky part is when you change your mind and your direction. Lotta pushin’, that’s how I got here anyway” (an old guy on the bus, Jack, he liked my hair, we started talking, 2002)