Last night Violet came home quite a few hours after me. I was already in pj’s, curled up on the couch watching old episodes of Roseanne when the front door opened. She tossed her bags, smothered me in kisses, sat down next to me and asked, “Hey love, did you get me bobby pins today by any chance?”

me: You know I did. I called you from the bobby-pin-hair-stuff aisle of the store to see what color you wanted… while you were at a store too, might I add.

Violet: Ooooh, thanks baby!  My hair is everywhere. Where are they?

me: In my bag. What’s the deal with you always wanting me to pick up bobby pins… even when you’ll be at a store too, like today?

Violet: I told you, it’s very romantic.

me: Oh right. Romantic.

Violet: (while raiding her hair with a handful of new bobby pins, destined to eventually be lost and found all over our bed) Jesse, it just is. It’s a very romantic gesture and I love you for it… (still mindlessly pinning her hair) You know, this is the kind of stuff you should be blogging about.