On Saturday, after Violet, dog and I set up camp on a beautiful and rather secluded island, all three of us went down to the beach to play. After running around for a bit Violet and I found a flat piece of drift wood to perch upon as we watched our beautiful new dog bound and leap in and around the ocean. I had my arms around her and kept kissing her on the cheek.
Eventually we started kissing and it was honestly one of the most incredible kisses I’ve ever had. The whole situation: the place, the moment, the feel of her familiar lips, the smell of sun and ocean, her hair tickling my face, our posture, the sunlight on my eyelids, the whole thing was just a little more… something, than i had ever experienced. It was so sweet and simple and it reminded me of our first kiss, only this one came with several years of being in love already tucked into it.
When we stopped kissing, with our foreheads still touching, lips still close, she smiled at me, ran her hands through my hair, rubbed her lips together, crinkled her forehead and softly said, “I think our spit might taste the same.”
“What!?” I perked up.
She rubbed her lips together again with a curious face and said, “Our spit, I think it tastes the same. I can’t taste yours at all. Can you taste mine?”
I considered her claim for a second and replied, “Huh, no actually. That’s really weird. Is that possible?… And wow were we in different places just now.”
She put her head on my shoulder, “No we weren’t, jesse, not at all. (long pause). But serioulsy, I can’t taste your spit at all!”