Wow, all of a sudden Cherday turned to Cherevening. Regardless, here we go…


(once you start this quiz you are not allowed to go through old jljj posts until you are finished. I have linked the answer to each question- once you have answered you may click on the link)

1. Cher is the goddess of all things _______ and fabulous. (If you didn’t get this one you are in big trouble)

2. Cher won an academy award for what movie? (I haven’t actually mentioned this on my blog but seriously, you should know)

3. What kind of dog is Cher holding in the Dove L’amore video? (if you tell me WHY she is holding that dog you get extra credit points!)

4. ______ ________ from ___ ______ _____ filled in for Cheron Cherday once.

5. Cher called David Letterman an @&*%#$!.

6. ” Does he love you? You want to know? How can you tell if he loves you so?
A. It is in his eyes
B. It is in his face
C. It is in his warm embrace
D. It is in his kiss

7. I was listening to ______ __ ______ when I found cap’n who n’ da’ crew.

8. Who says, “I want to be a notty little devil?”

9. Cher thinks _______ ________ should be president.

10. Jack, from Will and Grace, tells Cher, “Hey, hey, you’re not that great ______ ______!”

11. The first Cherday post was what song? (and did you or did you not succumb to the incredibly irresistible urge to jump on top of your desk/table/workbench/counter top when you heard it?)

12. The next cherday post should be?

(send your answers to my gmail account: jessejamesblog(at)gmail(dot)com)

Thanks for playing. If you think you might have flunked, no big deal, just spend a little more time in the cher thursday catagory.