In my last post I mention that after all had gone to hell at the James house I eventually gave in and up and went with the ol’ When in Rome idea and decided to drown the family dysfunction in cheap Chardonnay. So, I drank… too much that night. And I now remember, having just got off the phone with my grandma, that my drinking that night revitalized my affection for her and the whole family. It also caused me to not only come up with a brilliant idea but to spout it off right as it was developing in my drunk little head, “Grandma, you know what you should do?!? You should change your flight to later and spend next weekend with Violet and me up in Seattle!”

Yes, I said that. Yes she remembered. Yes she considered my invitation and changed her flight. And yes she is coming up here with my mom this weekend.

I have decided not to give in to the anxiety and just go with it. What’s done is done and if all else fails I will send them to the Olympic Sculpture Park with a map to Pike Place Market and pick them up before it gets too dark. Chances are we’ll have a fine, if not great time, but man, I could really use a weekend.