A few days ago Sinclair and I were having our happy hour phone time together over a few glasses of prosecco and chardonnay. At one point she mentioned that I missed Cherday last week and that this was not ok with her. I apologized. She then mentioned that she had heard somewhere that the song Gypsies Tramps and Thieves will get any song that is stuck in your head unstuck. I had not heard this before. While still on the phone we both surfed the net a bit and found no solid evidence of this (if Google doesn’t know, well then, one might never know).

So, as your homework, I would like for you to listen to that song, the one you know will get stuck in your head- get it stuck, really, really stuck, and then watch this video. Let me know if it works. (Extra credit if you tell me what song is that song for you.)

Happy Friday-eve, happy Cherday!

btw: That song that gets stuck in my head and then will. not. leave. is Dude Looks Like a Lady, by Aerosmith … just typing it and I can feel it creeping in. Damn.