There’s this thing we’ve been doing with the Seal* (see below if you have no idea who I’m talking about) lately that has become one of my very favorite things to do in life, in general. We’ve signed up for doggie school and our homework this week is to have random and unexpected !!Treat Parties!! for the Seal.

The event: All of a sudden Violet and I start jumping around, dropping
dog treats all over the ground while squealing “Treat Party! Treat
party! Treeeeeat party!!!” and get the Seal as worked up and happy and
excited as possible.

The reason: Supposedly if she is ever in a life threatening situation,
like bolting into the street to chase a squirrel with a semi coming at
her, we can yell “!!Treeeeeat Partyyyy!!” and she will stop whatever
she is doing and coming running back to us.

Who knows if this would work for her, but for me, that is no longer
the main point.

When Violet first explained this whole thing to me I was extremely
resistant, as in no way, like I usually am with anything new that I
don’t understand or that will entail me acting like a moron. But she put
her foot down and said that we HAD to do this.

So, yesterday morning, before we went to work we both snuck a handful
of dog treats, walked into the living room and started to hop and wale
and, in these unnaturally high pitched voices, began to
screech, “Treeeeat Party! Treeeeat Party! Treeeeat Party!”

Seal came running into the room and was so unbelievably ecstatic while
gobbling up her treats, hopping around with us and wagging her tail so
hard that she almost knocked herself over I started laughing that
laugh where you aren’t quite sure if you’re laughing or crying – or
some sort of combination.

My life at 7:45 a.m. on a Wedensday: Two girls and a Seal dog, all three of us, in our livingroom, hopping around chanting nonsense like we are totally crazy and out of control. It was awesome.

I have no idea what the Seal’s first two years of life were like but I
am convinced that if, at the end of her life, she wrote down her top ten
favorite moments, that her first !!Treat Party!! would probably make
the list.

I’m willing to bet the same for me.

*my dog’s blog name, ‘Dog’, just happens to be the same as one of my
favorite blog’s
dog’s names, also Dog. And so, to keep some
distinction within these fabulous queer blogs, from here on out, my
dog, the artist formally known as ‘Dog’, will now be referred to as the
Seal (which is what Violet and I call her anyway, because that is what she looks like in the water and when she’s sleeping).