It’s 3:30 here in the land of Seattle and I just realized that my underwear is on inside out. Just now. And it’s only Wednesday.

After reading Sinclair’s post on undies last week, I went out this weekend and bought myself a handful of new boxer shorts and briefs. Out of my new batch, I was most excited about these new briefs in particular. They are both very cute and Violet approved (wink). So just now, I was off to see the whizzer and I noticed that the cute little lines in the band that sealed the deal (to purchase them) weren’t there. Which caused an off guard milimoment of panic.

Full knowing that there were other people in other stalls, I involuntarily spouted, “What the…?” which probably made them just as curious as uncomfortable. I too was uncomfortable with the little outburst but have a plethora of past experiences that allowed me to immediately realize that attempting to explain this would, in no way, by no means, make things better. I started tugging at them only to catch a glimpse of those cute little lines in the band that made me buy them in the first place facing my bod.

Oops. Next time.

Or! I can wear them the right way tomorrow – you know that ol’ trick: flip ’em around n’ call ’em brand new. It doesn’t rhyme but it does work. (I can promise you that Violet is sooo grossed out right now).