“I’m not really looking. Men just fall in your lap, you stub your toe on them. It just happens.” (Cher)

Could this rumor be true? I would be happy for her, I guess. But, she didn’t even call to tell me, which makes me doubt. In fact, she’s never even mentioned him before.

found at: SFGate.com (because SanFran knows this kind of stuff)

Cher Rep Laughs Off Rumors of Secret Vegas Wedding

Cher’s spokeswoman has blasted reports the pop star is planning to marry a younger man in a secret Las Vegas ceremony, calling the wedding rumors “crazy.”

The National Enquirer claimed on Wednesday that the 62-year-old singer will wed 38-year-old Tim Medvetz.

The report alleged Medvetz — who makes his living customizing expensive motorcycles — has sign a prenuptial agreement to protect Cher’s reported $600 million fortune.

But Cher’s representative Liz Rosenberg has dismissed the reports, insisting: “She’s not even in Vegas right now. She won’t be back in Vegas until August,” adding that the star is on hiatus from the show she’s headlining in the city.

Laughing off the rumors, Rosenberg added: “Cher promised me if she ever got married again, I could be the flower girl.”

Cher has been married twice — first in 1964 to Sonny Bono, and again in 1975 to The Allman Brothers’ Gregg Allman.

In recent interviews she has described her desire to walk down the aisle once again, saying, “The right man adds something to your life. I’m looking for someone who can make me laugh, who I think is cute and who wants to go do stupid things still.”

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jljj UPDATE:

I was correct in my prediction that Violet would be totally grossed out by the last paragraph of my last post. And so, for the record, today I am wearing freshly laundered underwear… right side out to boot.