(UPDATE: As of 8.9.08 jljj is no longer attached to the smokin hot purple dress)

This is one of those crazy things about the world, the wide and the web that i don’t get. The mystery: Why did jljj have a pretty large surge of visits over this last weekend? Could it be that dykes that only write about goldfish, raccoons, seal dogs, Cher and their girlfriend suddenly became en vogue? Turns out, is not the case. Still, most of the folks that stop by here know that I don’t usually post on Friday and, to date, have never posted on the weekends. This means that the amount of folks that visit the blog-home of jljj dwindles remarkably on Saturdays and Sundays. This weekend, was not the case.

Somehow my blog has been attached to a photo of Jennifer Beals from the post Yes, that word.

If you Google “Jennifer Beals” and then click on the second auto-generated image of her (in that dangerously smokin’ hot purple dress) you somehow end up in my archive for April. And when even Sinclair couldn’t tell me why this was so I knew it was noteworthy.

How? Dunno. Why? Dunno. Who? A lot of people. Advice: If you are going to start a blog name it after a sexy famous person.

The first post that shows up in the archive is cap’n who n da’ crew – and now I have my fingers crossed that, in the millisecond that all of these Beal photo hunters are spending on my blog, that someone leaves a comment or sends an email proclaiming (honestly) that either they 1.know who these boys are. Or 2. (best case scenario) They are one of them!

(Here’s where I incorporate Cher into the mix… it is Thursday after all) That would be one of those things about life that would make my head explode a little bit. Like that time I met a girl who told me she had once served Cher a scoop of ice cream at a Ben and Jerry’s and Cher thought the scoop was too small and then asked if she could come back there and show her how it’s done. Cher then proceeded to scoop ice cream for several customers. Gawd, I love that story. That must have been such a great day for so many people! Anyway, the world, the wide, and the web are all capable of who knows what – so, who knows. Maybe, just maybe, Jennifer Beals will solve the mystery of cap’n who n’ da crew. I will certainly keep you posted.

Cher wants YOU to have a good Friday-eve. Happy her day!