I hadn’t considered not having the internets, any of them, for our entire trip to Boston. It was as strange as it was refreshing. Do you even remember when you didn’t check your email every 10 minutes? Every two minutes? Or waiting until you got home to see who called? I sure didn’t.

Our trip, in a nutshell for now, seeing as my being absent from work was not easy on the folks here and I am quite busy (i.e. job security):

  • The red-eye flight over was as miserable as I had thought it would be. However, sitting next to a swarm of fresh-outta-boot-camp-marines on the way home was almost as unpleasant. Minus the cute blond marine from Houston that sat right next to me. He was very sweet and answered my many, many vodka tonic(s) induced questions with the grace of a southern gentleman. Everything was answering with a “yes, ma’am” or “no ma’am”. I’m not sure how I feel about ma’am, but it was sweet, none the less.
  • Boston was busy. Very, very busy. But nice. But Seattle is better. It fits me. I just like knowing that my yogurt is guaranteed to have more milk than corn syrup without reading the labels, but that is just me.
  • The itty, bitty, very gay, very Jewish, flight attendant, Sparky, will get his own post.
  • We made it to P-town, after an all day venture that will also probably get its own post. The trailer would include: getting hit with exploding cans of coke, grilled cheese and tomato with no cheese and no tomato, little bugs drinking more of the “water” than we did, and meeting !!Cher!! – Well, a drag version, but holy shit, did she do Cher almost better than Cher! Even Cher said so. My heart was all a flutter.

This is all for now. But I did miss you, internets, every single one of you.