This week’s Cherday was sent to me by Leo MacCool. The email said that I was probably “all over this news like a rash…” And although the idea does make me itch with excitement, in fact, no, I hadn’t heard this rumor yet. Let this be a lesson, jljj readers. If you know something about Cher, don’t just assume that I do too – send it on over. I love to be Cher topped. Love. It.

So, here it is: Cher to Play Catwoman in the next Batman movie!

How utterly delicious. And although it seems that this is a brilliant myth rather than a perfect truth what a wonderful visual I have swirling around. And (as I duck my head to not be hit by fans) I care about the Batman movies about as much as I care about baseball (still ducking, the truth hurts, I know). But, come on, how hot would that be!

“Batman! Watch out! HoOoOOOooooawah! (with that downward lilt that is OhSoCher, as she tosses her hair to one side, straddling the Batpod). Simply delicious.

Listen Batman film maker people- You want the queers in that theatre for your next comic book movie? Well, give us Cher and we will come in endless droves. This I can promise.

Ooh! or Hillary! I could get pretty excited about that one too. The costume would have to be a black leather pantsuit of sorts, but this could work.

Happy Friday eve, all. Happy Cherday!