The picture quality is terrible but the Seal kicks equilibrium’s ass! I ended up taking the picture with the camera on my phone as the Kongball, which is the Seal’s teddy bear of toys (besides her frog, which I’m sure we will be balancing soon), was not staying up there long enough for me to grab the real camera. We’ll get there though. Oh yes. We will. My guess is that we are just a few balancing acts away from pseudo-Chuckdom! (That dog has talent!)

Just look at those eyes. She’s staring at me like, “Jesseman, you got it all wrong, dude. The ball is supposed to go in my mouth! Not on my face. How much you had to drink, anyway? Regardless, I love you so unconditionally and with such reckless abandon that I will sit here with my favorite toy on my face (instead of in my mouth, where it goes!) while you point your phone at me, chanting, ‘stay, stay, stay’, like I could really not ‘stay’ right now without dropping my Kong on the floor, where you’ll be all, ‘Duuuuuude! So close! Ok, let’s try again’. My only hope is that you can tell how much I would appreciate a little peanut butter dog biscuit or two, for my efforts in entertaining your inane activity.”

The Seal not only got a handful of peanut butter treats but we also had a celebratory dance party in the kitchen. I don’t think she really understands why I was so excited, but I also don’t think she cares. I mean, who needs a reason to dance?