I know I know, where the hell have I been? I know. I know. I’ve been here and I’ve been there and life is a bit on the busy side, but good. Violet is fabulously, beautifully, wonderful. The Seal is awesome. Fraidy is freezing his little fish balls off and moving quite slowly, but he’s all good. I haven’t seen Marcus in a while, but I’m sure he’s happy doing his little raccoon thing.  I have had an extended block from making time for this blogo’mine and I promise to get back in the swing. Promise.

For now, the inspiration for a quick post is this:


Home Alive needs help! A lot and soon.

This organization was born 16 years ago, after Mia Zapata was raped and killed while walking home late at night. Her friends, a group of women, got together and created self defense classes that teach everyone that you can wear whatever you want, walk home whenever you want, love whoever you want, look however you want, do what ever you want, believe whatever you want and that you have the inherent right to be safe and free from violence of any kind.

“You are worth defending. I am worth defending. In my heels and in my running shoes, in my skirt and cleavage and in my drag king drag. We are all always worth defending.” (Home Alive)

I’ve taken one of their classes and it was more than amazing. It instantly became an essential piece to who. I. am.

The website, savehomealive.org, is attempting to raise 25 thousand dollars for Home Alive, their current debt amount.  I’ve donated and hope you will consider. Like the website says, “if you can’t donate, don’t and don’t sweat it” but getting the word out can only help. If you have blogads ad space Sinclair will put the banner up on your site if you send him your free ad code. If you don’t have blogads ad space, steal the banner I have up and you can link it that way.

Thanks to all in advance. More soon, I promise!