For the last month or so the Seal has been coming to work with me a few days a week. My desk is set up in a way where the right half works just like a little dog house cave – and the Seal loves it. The office is a nice big open studio for her to wander around and visit other folks. She spends the bulk of her time just sitting there staring at me from under the desk, waiting for me to do something. If I go to pick up a fax, the Seal comes with me. If I go to get water the Seal goes to get water. If I am in a meeting the Seal is under the table of the meeting, awkwardly sniffing the crotches of, or licking the shoes of other folks in the meeting.

For the most part this is all working out fine and dandy and I love having her with me. She has also given me good reason to get out of the office frequently for little walks, which I don’t offer myself enough of on my own. The only tricky part thus far has been the bus.

The bus is oh so very crowded on either side of the commute. And other folks commuting to and from work are not on guard to be looking out for a slightly shorter than usual black lab and her constantly swooshing tail on the bus. (And yes, it is doubly awkward when she licks the shoes of or sniffs the crotches of bus strangers but what are you going to do?)

She does pretty well, I must say. She is calm and patient and more than not, receives plenty of compliments for both.

I took the Seal to work today and all went fine – until the ride home- when…
She was just tired, I could tell and we didn’t have a proper walk at lunch time because I was just too busy. So, on the bus she was fidgety and uncomfortable.

The first ‘uh oh’ moment came when the heater kicked on, which scared the Seal and caused her to pee a little bit. The bus floors are grooved and her pee took up three different tracks so that with each stop the pee kept crawling forward a bit. By the time we got off the bus the pee had almost made it to the driver.

A little dog pee racing down the bus isle isn’t great but it isn’t that terrible nor is it disruptive. The moment of “oh-shit-I mean-at-least-I-can-blame-the-dog-but-oh-shit-none-the-less” was when she looked up at me with the sweetest little puppy dog eyes – which led one bus rider to comment on how pretty she was – followed by the most unwarranted, foul smelling dog fart that all of sudden began to take over every little bit of air there was to breathe. It was a misty bomb of ‘someone obviously ate poison earlier today and now needs to poop!’ smell that, one by one, like the wave at a football game, had calm and resting end of the day faces turn to panicked scowls of “I can’t breathe! I really, really can’t breathe!”

I was mortified. And the Seal – oh, she knew! She looked at me with that, “Oops. Damn. My bad, huh!?!” look as she lowered her head. And we were guilty. Both of us. Clearly.

So, for the sake of the riders and selfishly wanting air that didn’t smell like decomposing dead squirrel marinated in ammonia with a hint of onion we got off the bus three stops early. The walk of shame, down an isle trickled in a small stream of urine, was long and full of some suffocating, judgmental looks.

But, the Seal is not one to dwell and I love her spirit of ‘what’s done is done – movin’ on now’ so, I followed her lead. We got off the bus, walked a few extra blocks, chased each other around in the park, went home, both gave Violet a big kiss and got on with our evening.

What’s done is done, we say, and we’re both sticking to it. And yes, we’ll both be on the bus come Monday.