…off. (Come on folks, you know I don’t write about that stuff. I mean, with the Seal reading and all- how inappropriate.)

But it is true. Due to the economy and the nature of work I was involved with I am now one of the many standing in line at the unemployment office. Well, by standing in line at the unemployment office, I mean sleeping in until around 10, going for long walks with the Seal, gardening, keeping the house fairly clean, attempting to make dinners, and watching way, way too many old episodes of The Golden Girls.

Now, as glamorous as my newly titled house-husband status sounds it does get a little boring… but I am not willing to complain yet.

And on the up side of things, on my last day of work Violet temporarily lost her sense of sensibility and sent me the confirmation email with the two tickets she had booked to, oh, you know, Hawaii- for, oh you know, next week! No, I am not joking because a joke is suppose to be funny and if this were not true, well, that is not funny.

So, my life has been a little scattered, as is being represented in my sporadic postings but all is well as is demonstrated in the content.

And yes, I realize by outing my joblessness I will have to dig deeper in my pocket of excuses or simply post way more frequently.