The one topic about Cher that I will NOT engage in is the very popular discussion as to whether or not the goddess of all things sparkly and fabulous has or has not had her incredibly sexy diva bod nipped and or tucked. 1. Who cares? 2. Like the diva says, that I will adamantly defend, “If I want to put my tits on my back it’s nobody’s business but my own!” You tell em’ Cher! She is really quite profound, don’t you agree?

Well folks, regardless of it all… your opinions, thoughts, assumptions, whether or not your socks match and are right side out or not. Regardless of how well you slept last night, if your zipper has been down all day (some of you just checked!), whether Cher did have a nose job… or not. Regardless of your height, how much you got in the bank, your hair color, how good or bad your breath is, or if just yesterday you spilled an entire espresso drink all over your favorite fabulous shirt that is now most likely ruined because you didn’t soak it in cold water over night like I told you to. Regardless of it all folks, whether you fight it or just let it be, it is Thursday. It is Cherday. And there ain’t no stoppin’ it!

This lovely video montage is a minute and a half of quotable profoundness fabulousness from TGOATSAF (i.e.the goddess of all things sparkly and fabulous… think that acronym will catch on?)

Happy Cherday, everyone, happy Friday-eve!