Yesterday I woke up in Brooklyn. About an hour ago I woke up in Seattle.

I just got back from my trip to New York. It was an incredible adventure that was absolutely, totally amazing and included no sleep. Every single moment was completely packed full of places to go, people to meet and ridiculously exciting things to do. And I want to write about it all but I’m not sure this is possible. This trip was so huge…. sooooooo huge (with tons of amazing bloggers to name drop along the way).

So, in an attempt to tell the story the way I want to (i.e. verbosely with attention to details that don’t matter) I have realized, if I also want to attempt to keep anyone’s attention I’m going to have to do this in parts. This will be the first ever series on jljj and I’m calling it: New York in 4 Parts. Tour of Fabulous (Catchy, no? The brainchild behind the title being the lovely Lady Brett ) I haven’t written them yet but my guess is the line up will look something like this:

Part 1. (Almost Not) Getting There (might also be called, “Willing to Miss A Flight For Hair Product And Devil Ducks”)

Part 2. Taking Over Brooklyn (might also be called, “How jesse Almost Got Beat Up By A Huge Angry Woman In A Brooklyn Dyke Bar” or “Hey Rene! I May Look Butch But I’m Actually Quite Fragile and Sensitive! No Need To Push” or “Doing The Single Ladies Dance With Sinclair In A Crowded Bar” or “Ya, I’m The One Who Keeps Putting Cher On The Jukebox, Who Wants To Know?”)

Part 3. No Mo’ Boobies Party, starring my name twin, JessHeIs (might also be called, “Leo and the Magic Air Mattress” or “Did You Try Dangling It, Babe?”) Regardless, this is where a whole ton of blogger name dropping will happen.

Part 4. Meeting Greg (might also be called, “Sunday Swooning” or maybe “Kristen’s FagSpice Kitchen Bottom Finally Gets to Meet The Green Eyed Grrrl” or “No, I’m Not Nervous Or Feeling A Tad Dizzy Because Of Your Flawless Fabulousness, I Always Act Like A Giddy Idiot”

So, there are a few unnecessary details to iron out and I have a bit of sleep to catch up on, but it is all in the works, and is all on the way. Until then…