I don’t want to be writing this post. But to offer something, which is almost nothing, to my very sweet friend, who I love so dearly and always, so easily, I am writing this post with grand hope and a deep fear of only adding something and not diluting anything by sending this out there. I found out yesterday, that someone very dear to me was killed in a car accident. Just like that. Because that is what life can do. And so, all of a sudden, I am grieving, like we do. And the high potential for all of this to sound generic and common makes me furious and terrified. So, to keep safe as much of what this is for me and for everyone whose heart has suddenly turned to sand, in attempt to protect what is original and precious and irreplaceable and sacred, that I cannot hide, that I cannot protect, that I cannot change or fix, that is all I have to say about that.

It is Cherday, no? Sorry the video isn’t here, the ability to re-post has been protected and I am not willing to settle for something else. You’ll have to take that extra step and click here.