So, ok, first… YOU   ALL    ROCK   MY   SOCKS!

Thank you SO much, all of you, commentors, tweeters, emailers, for being so willing to share your ideas with me and for being so unbelievably creative and filling me up with some serious inspiration. You have saved Violet from another $12 chocolate bar from the local co-op and an earth friendly card- and I promise you, she will appreciate you later, when I tell her the truth: I love you, but it was actually my blog who got you this gift.

Seriously! The ideas are just so creative!

The contest post was a late night last minute freak out (could you tell?) and I feel so lucky, SO LUCKY, once again, like I often do, to have this space, where folks like you show up. You all make my heart pitter patter.

I will keep you posted on what I end up doing… eventually (should probably show Violet first, right? Be patient, this is about her after all.) And someone, or a few of you, should really start thinking about your favorite Cher song OR your Cherday idea (doesn’t have to be Cher so long as Cher is involved in some round about way) OR what my fabulous dog, the Seal, might balance on her head… just for you.

Thanks all,

jesse james