Violet, the Seal, Violet’s folks and I are on the road, crossing state lines, singing songs and eating holiday cookies. How gay and merry, no?

I have already spent a few days with my family and love them, I do, but this time with Violet’s family feels quite nice and relaxing.

This is a two day adventure to our destination meaning Violet and I will suck up as much bad cable television as possible tonight in whatever hotel will let the Seal in. Hopefully this will include the Real Housewives of Anywhere and, of course, the Golden Girls. I feel good about the prospects. I feel good about this trip in general.

Violet’s present is wrapped and after it is unwrapped I will let folks know where the inspiration came from. And by ‘inspiration’ I mean my gift is fine but not nearly as creative as the ideas y’all came up with. Thanks again for all of your help with that.