Yesterday might have been one of the most beautiful days of the year (so far.) As soon as I woke up and saw the sun beaming through the windows (can be a rare sight in these parts) I rushed to get myself and the Seal outside. With Violet out of town, the Seal and I were on our own to figure out how to spend the day in the sun. After wrestling with each other in the yard a bit, we both found a sunny spot and stared up at the bright blue sky through the freshly bloomed cherry tree. Eventually we decided it was time to do a little yard work.

(yes, this is a real-time photo of the tree the Seal and I were staring at.)

After a few hours of pruning, planting and weeding the yard we took a quick break.

As you can see, clearly the Seal has her eye on something. I assumed it was probably a squirrel or the neighbor’s cat until I realized…

It was MARCUS! The photo is very out of focus because I took it from quite a distance. Marcus use to be a pretty chill raccoon but ever since we introduced the Seal to this family he is a bit more on guard, and quite frankly, can be a little intimidating. I mean, we still love each other, don’t get me wrong, but these days we do so from a far.

(that is Marcus’s “I love you. Too bad about that dog” look. Love you too, buddy!)

After our break and our brief encounter with our favorite raccoon friend it was back to work. The Seal and I had a bunch of clippings and branches to chop up for compost and firewood before calling it a day. As you can see, not only is this dog some of the best company, but she is also a hard worker.

The Seal and I are on day 3 without Violet (still have 11 days to go) and so far we’re hanging in there. The sunshine helps and knowing Violet is on a much deserved vacation makes it all ok. Like I told Butchtastic Kyle, after spending over a year apart I like to think that two weeks should be rather doable. I am not saying my posts won’t begin to sound a bit pouty, as I much prefer my world with her in it, but I prefer over all things, that Violet is happy and having fun – and that she is.

So, happy Monday all. I hope you had a fabulous weekend!