Today is the birthday of one of my very favorite people in the whole wide world. Rene and I have been best friends for, let me see, holy crap (what a profanely gross expression), over 22 years! We became self declared BFF’s in the 6th grade but we have known each other all of our lives (our mom’s are long time friends as well and were pregnant with us together- aw, how cute. I know.)

Here’s the deal, this poor woman is stuck at work for 10 hours today instead of playing around and celebrating the fact that she has circled the sun, um, a few times now.

So, I’m going to pull a little Sinclair-friend-romance ™ on Rene. What is Sinclair-friend-romance ™? Well, basically you just do something to make your friend feel like she is the most important person in the world, spoil her a bit with personalized gifts and cards and whatever. Sinclair is constantly doing things like this for me and really, it makes me swoon. And because Rene is one of the most fabulous people on the face of the earth AND it is her birthday, she deserves to be spoiled, to have cause for swoonage at least once on her birthday, right?

Rene loves flowers. And because I am poor and cannot afford to have them delivered (has anyone checked lately to see how obscenely expensive it is to have flowers delivered?!) I am going to go buy a huge beautiful bouquet from Pike Place Market, as bright and as pink as possible, and drive over to the east side and deliver them myself.

I also made her a mix cd, because I am a lesbian and that is what we do to show love.  It is called, “Best Friend Love Mix (no homo)” and because Rene is just as straight as I am gay I managed to make an entire mix without the Indigo Girls or Ani Difranco. It was not easy but I love her that much. The mix is however, a bit faggy (surprise!), which she can handle, and does have songs like Mandy Moore’s version of Umbrella (judge away! I care none.) It also has this song, which is an obvious friend-love song yes, but what a beautiful cover! And for all of you in tweetville who helped me find different versions of Lean On Me, thank you, and now you know why I asked. I picked this version to end the mix. I think it’s a strong finish.

So, that is the plan. I am posting this before I leave because in her crazy ten-hour work day there is just no chance of her seeing this.

Off I go…

(A few hours later…)

Rene with flowers and chocolate covered pretzels, of course:

(p.s. speaking of Sinclair, with a twist of shameless self promotion, have you voted today?)