Violet is gone and the fridge is empty, except for some cheese which thus far is sustaining both the Seal and me. Violet and I were long distance for 15 months and after 8 days of this go I am starting to get pouty (I warned you.)

She called me yesterday. It had been seven days without hearing her voice. And I’m not certain but it just might have been the longest amount of time not hearing her voice since the night we met. I was walking the Seal when the phone rang. I picked it up and said, “Hello?” When I heard this soft, sweet voice say, “Hi J.J.” my knees turned to goo and buckled a little bit. And then the sun swooped down from the sky and into my chest which woke up all of the butterflies in my tummy and had them flying around like crazy right when the road underneath my feet suddenly turned to an endless blanket of marshmallow. I could have walked and talked to her forever. I would walk and talk with her forever, that is the plan. But my sweet girl can be a bit cheap frugal and so the phone card she bought only had 17 minutes. So, for 17 minutes I walked and talked with my favorite flower.

There was this way that she sounded: far. For 15 months she sounded this way and I had forgotten how that felt. I don’t know what it is about calling from a different country, but there is just something in the connection that lets you hear all of the miles in between and it sounds different, it sounds fragile and it sounded so familiar. It sounded like some of the best days I’ve ever had. Violet sounded just like the girl I use to talk to every day on the phone, for hours sometimes, about everything and anything. And sometimes we just did what we had to do, without talking much, just to do things together, like cooking or folding laundry.

I try not to write too much mush here. I know my infinite consuming desire, admiration, adoring and my immeasurably, exponentially expanding potent love and like for all things Violet ring loud enough and clear enough here in other ways. I also know hearing mushy-romantic-wooings about another relationship besides your own is like someone going on and on about how great their dog is… only worse. Fine, cute, good for you, enough already, gross. Which is why I don’t do that either.

So, I’ll keep this one as short as possible, which is never very short if you hadn’t noticed. But the most frequent thing that folks ask me about is this: How in the world were you and Violet long distance for so long? And right now I have no idea. Because on the 8th day of this go I am feeling like a big pouty baby who just wants to sit in the corner scowling with my arms folded. And even if you offer me a beer and cookies I’ll just say, “I don’t want beer and cookies! I want Violet!” And then I will take the beer and cookies and eat and drink them and love them but act like I hate them. There is a “how Violet and I were long distance for so ephing long” post in the works but today, I got nothing, folks.

This entire post is just to update you on the going ons in my life, and by that I mean I just want anyone that is willing to pay attention to me to know that Violet is gone and that means everything is boring and poor me!

That is all.