Raise the roof, y’all!

I just want to quickly note, in case you hadn’t heard, that the judge ruled IN FAVOR of Constance, which he should have, of course, but sometimes obvious right and wrong have little to do with court cases. The high school prom is still off (boo!) but there will be a court date in the future to deal with the bigots who bullied the sweet-teen-lesbo just for being who she is.

The judge said,  “The court finds this expression and communication falls squarely within the purview of the first amendment” which is just fancy talk for, “if the girl wants to go to prom with another girl and wear a tuxedo, none of y’all small minded punk-asses have the right to do shit about it, yo!”

So, there you have it folks: Good wins, meanies lose, jesse james writes a short, to the point post.

Anything is possible.