What are you doing on April 13th? Because if there is any way you can possibly be in New York for the debut of this new reading series you are luckier than me.

One of my very favorite things to do is find a swanky/comfy bar/pub/cafe/living room, settle in with a hoppy beer and listen to smart, preferably attractive (let’s just be honest here), interesting people saying exciting, witty, thought-provoking, well put together poems, spoken word, rants, stories, and/or anything and everything in between.

Is this another classic example of my lesbian tendencies? Yes sir, but remember I will have walked to these events listening to Cher so figure that one out.

~  ~  ~   ~   ~

Alright, here is all the information you’ll need to be apart of what is going to be THE PLACE TO BE on April 13th:

Sideshow: The Queer Literary Carnival
Hosted by Cheryl B. & Sinclair Sexsmith

Sideshow is a new monthly reading/performance series in NYC. Featuring some of the very finest queer (and queer ally) writers and literary performers out there.   “Serious literature for ridiculous times by freaks, jokesters and outlaws.”

Premiere event April 13th @ The Phoenix
447 East 13th Street at Avenue A,
East Village, New York City

Doors, 7pm. Reading, 8pm. FREE!


Follow them on Twitter! @sideshowseries
This month’s theme is Secrets


Kate Bornstein (Hello, Cruel World)
Sam J. Miller (The Rumpus)
Seth Clark Silberman aka PhDJ (Fresh Men: New Voices in Gay Fiction)
Kathleen Warnock (Drunken! Careening! Writers!)

~   ~   ~   ~   ~

F.A.Q.s (that I’m just assuming you are wondering):

Will I turn into a gay if I go to something like this? You might, but you also might not.

But what if one of the readers totally makes me hot and they’re the same-sex as me? Well, that’s a little gay, but it is also natural, these folks are professionals and daaamn good at what they do. Let it go, have another beer.

What if I’m not queer? Can I still go? No… JOKING. Of course you can. Just don’t wear white socks. That is never ok.

Why can’t I wear white socks? Because then everyone will know you are (probably) straight and (definitely) single in that way where straight and single aren’t cool. Just trust me, no one gets laid in white socks.

Can anyone appreciate such an evening with these sorts of going ons? Yes, anyone can and most good people do.

But wait! I have more questions! Well, I’m done with your questions. Email Sinclair.